How to Automate Exporting FPOs in Lightroom

A Simple Step that will Make Your Life Easier

In our course Blogger to Commercial Photographer we talk about sending clients home with FPO (For Position Only) images at the end of the shoot, so they can work them in layout.

With this quick tutorial we will show you how to create an automation to export FPO images for clients in Lightroom. This simple little step will save you time and headaches later. Also, this gives your clients a chance to work with the images immediately and everyone is a rock star!

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William and Susan Brinson
William and Susan Brinson

William and Susan are a photography team who share a single vision. Both attended Savannah College of Art and Design, William studied photography and Susan studied design. After moving to NYC and each pursuing individual careers, a natural evolution occurred and they began collaborating and creating as a team. Now, both behind the camera, they photograph for clients like Chipotle, Crate and Barrel and Stouffers. The Brinsons are also bloggers and influencers with an Instagram following over 85,000 and have collaborated with HP, GMC and Woodford Reserve. William and Susan teach traditional photography, iPhoneography and have lectured on the creative process as well as a variety of photography topics.

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